1) What is the mobile phone number format used for pfingotalk?

+<Country Code> <Area Code> <Mobile Phone Number>

2) How to add Credits?

Step 1: Go to secure.pfingo.com
Step 2: Login to your pfingo account
Step 3: Select Shop
Step 4: Select the Credits that you want to buy
Step 5: Select the amount to purchase
Step 6: Click Next until a popup appears to make payment
Step 7: Complete the Payment and the amount purchased will be credited into your account.

3) What is the difference between Direct Dial and Bounce?

Direct Dial is where a caller may call any other user outside the local calling area without operator assistance.
Bounce is a callback service from pfingo that converts your expensive outgoing calls into incoming calls.

4) What is Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding is a feature whereby a telephone call is redirected to another Phone Number, regardless of the type of Phone Number (Office, Fax, HP, etc.)