Every free pfingo account gives you these great premium features at no extra cost!

Convert your expensive outgoing calls into incoming calls. Credits in your pfingo account can be used for bounce calls too! There are several ways to do this:

1. Smartphone application with 3G/WiFi
Download pfingoBounce for Mobile if you have access to a 3G/WiFi network.

2. Normal phone
Follow the simple guide on the right to make a Bounce call.

3. SMS
SMS to +65 8118 0000 from the mobile phone you registered with Bounce with the message call countrycode areacode phone no. Your phone will ring and you'll be connected to your friend! *Please note that your current mobile operator will charge you for this SMS

4. Online
Login to your pfingo account, go to "My services", "Online Call" to make a Bounce call. Bounce calls are charged at Bounce call rates and not pfingo call rates.

Make a Bounce call from any mobile phone
Step 1
First dial +65 81180000
Step 2
The call will drop.
You will receive a call.
Step 3
Answer and key in your friend's phone number.

TIP: Some mobile operators may impose call connecting charges for dropped calls. Incoming call charges may apply, please check the details of your mobile phone calling plan. Roaming call charges may also be imposed by your mobile service provider if you are travelling outside your local service network. Please check with your mobile service operator regarding the aforementioned charges.